Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Interview with a Pixie Chick

Today, we’re talking with Briana Marie Fairchild, affectionately known as Brie. Brie is the leader of the Pixie Chicks, a quartet of girls in the high school marching band.

Q: Brie, I want my readers to really get to know the real you. What is it that makes you such a good, effective leader? Does the fact that your dad is away often have anything to do with your ability, some might say passion, for taking charge?

A: Probably that and being the oldest. I like order and for stuff to have a purpose, y'know?

Q: Why does it annoy you that your brother is taller than you?

A: Hello? I'm the oldest. Ben thinks height equals rank - so not true. Besides, waay back when we were small, Mom told me one day he'd be able to fight back - she was right.

Q: What is it about band that means so much to you?

A: You're part of a big, extended family.

Q: Is it the social experience?

A: It helps to have a place to fit in from day one in high school.

Q: Pretend for a moment that you weren’t in the band. What if the Pixie Chicks had never found each other?

A: Blasphemy! LOL How would your life be different? I'd still be in band, still part of that family, but the PC are like special sisters. They know everything about me and love me anyway.

Q: Related question…what are some of your favorite band memories?

A: Marching the Christmas parade downtown last year. It was freezing, and the only time we were grateful for wool uniforms. The hot chocolate and shoe sale afterward at the galleria was fun too.

Q: If you didn’t play piccolo, what other instrument do you think you’d like to play?

A: Bass drum.They have too much fun and the drum line's really ornery.

Q: Are the rumors true that band kids are wild and crazy? Any secrets you’d like to share…just between you and me and a few thousand readers?

A: Any group with 'geek' attached has to maintain some mystery, band geeks are no exception. Let me just say some things have to be experienced to be believed. And some things you can only experience if you're with the best - the BAND!

Q: Not everyone in high school is lucky enough to have a tight-knit group of friends. What do you think you get out of having Austin, Lana, and Claire as friends? What do you get from them?

A: Everyone needs someone and I think it's sad when kids close themselves off, or get shut out. Having the PC gives me balance when things go wacky. Good friends help you dream, but keep you from drifting off, y'know?

Q: A couple of fun things…complete these sentences:

If I could be anything I would be a…
A: ballerina.

If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be…
A: to wherever my dad is at the moment. He sees some cool stuff.

If I could meet anybody it would be…
A: My mom's mom. She died when I was too little to know her, but mom makes her sound totally awesome.

If I could have my choice of car it would be…
A: An older model Chevy SS - like the '69 Indy pace car. Those rock! But there's no way the 'rents will approve.

To find out more about Brie and her friends, log onto http://www.reganblack.com/.

In addition to The Pixie Chicks, Regan Black is the author of Justice Incarnate and Invasion of Justice.


  1. Everything we ever wanted to know about Brianna! Well, not quite. Makes me want to read the whole story and find out about all Brianna's friends...The Pixie Chicks!

  2. So, dude, is this, like, a book or something? Where do we buy it? Is there a link for more info? Wut?


  3. Dan, dude, you can so get the book at http://www.quakeme.com/direct/buy-rb-pc-q.htm

    Thanks for asking!


  4. So I wanna know a secret. I wanna know who the first boy Brianna kissed was.


  5. She wanted to be a ballerina ... or was that, wrestler?


  6. Great interview of Brie - made me try to imagine how you can do an interview with one of your characters :)

    To meet my main character of Aloha is Forever, my son, you can download John's Legacy from our site: http://www.tnchristianpublishers.com We didn't have a chance to ask him questions, but they were all answered in the journal he left us.

    But seriously, I did enjoy reading the interview of Brie.

  7. Yay! I love Brie!

    I too am a band geek with a love of the giant family. The band room is a home inside the school- complete with fridge, microwave, and sandwich fixin's.

    Go picc's and flutes!