Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I AM Smarter Than a Hamster...No, wait...

Thank you to my friends who sent in tips on catching the hamster, though I didn't get a chance to deploy them. I caught little Bugsy with one of the sticky traps.

My wife said she did not want three hamsters. "Take it back to PetSmart," she said. "You won't get your money back, but they'll take it in." Good idea, I thought.

The little critter came home in a cardboard box, so I decided to take him back in a cardboard box. When the scratching in the box ceased (a full quarter mile before reaching PetSmart), I thought he had just resigned himself to his fate.


For the two weeks he's been loose, Bugsy has apparently been sharpening his teeth and claws. He chewed through the box!!!

This could only happen to me.

Somewhere loose in my truck, little Bugsy is chewing through God-knows-what kind of wiring.

I tried the sticky traps again, one in the floorboard in front of each seat. Monday, I went out, anxious to see my catch. I found the two traps, one on top of the other glued together and the food gone.

Somewhere the hamster is laughing at the guy with a master's degree.


  1. Hi Sam. Sorry to be laughing at your expense, however you're a hoot! Have you thought about purchasing a very large snake and having it live in your car?

    Bobbie Hinman

  2. Oh, Sam. I can hardly type through the tears of laughter. At least the little guy was kind enough to stack the traps so they wouldn't capture your feet.


  3. Oh, Sam. I honestly don't know what to say. Wow.

  4. um...oh my...snort...