Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Things That Make You Go Hmm...

Things I wonder about:

1) I wonder why some people don't get my humor:

Me to the McAlister's Deli cashier: May I place a take out order?

Cashier: May I get a name?

Me: Why? Don't you have one already?

Cashier: (Blank stare).

2) As I posted on FaceBook last night, I listened to the President's speech and wonder, if it's Pockeestahn (Pakistan) and Tallybahn (Taliban), why is it not Afghoneestahn?

3) If we want to win the wars in Afghoneestahn and Iraq and also, as the President promised, to deplete our nuclear arsenal, wouldn't it make sense just to dump all the nukes on these two countries? Kind of a "two-birds..." deal?

4) I wonder if Nike would consider changing its slogan to "Just Do Her" on all its Tiger Woods merchandise?

5) If Trey Cyrus was not Miley Cyrus's brother, I wonder if he would be working at a Sonic drive thru rather than opening for her in concert? (No, never mind...I don't wonder about that. It's pretty much a given).

1 comment:

  1. Your logic makes perfect sense to me! (take that as you wish) :>)