Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Maybe It's Just Me

I paid a nice long visit to my cardiologist today, long partly because of the time I got to spend in the waiting room. I have the same attention span as my kids and after a while, I started looking around in search of something to do. The first thing I noticed was a dearth of magazines, which, as a writer for a handful of periodicals, rather irked me. The second thing I noticed was a Gideon Bible on every single end table in the place.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a Christian, but aren’t we sending the wrong message here? Bibles in the cardiologist’s office? Following that logic, shouldn’t they allow funeral home calendars and catalogs from casket companies, too?

It’s all a little too “Last Rites” for me.


  1. Oh, Sam...
    Maybe the doc wants a few miracles to free up more days for golf.


  2. Reagan's on to something!



  3. Your doc should trade in the Bibles for an expresso machine and serve fudge brownies with whip cream on the side. The expresso would get his patients' hearts racing and the fudge brownies would clot their artieries, thus ensuring him a long and lasting list of clients. Feel free to use my name when you suggest that to him. :)