Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Not That I'm a Perfect Parent, But...

My son is going to baseball camp this week at the University of South Carolina. Ray Tanner coaches the team there and I doubt you would find anyone, even among his toughest opponents, who would say anything less than complimentary about him. Alexey scored a run and caught a pop fly today. Pretty good for a kid who had never held a baseball bat in his hands eight months ago.

There are so many kids in camp they have them divided into eight squads. Toward the middle of the day, the counselors will pair the squads for scrimmage games. In the one closest to me, one kid hit a ball he obviously thought went foul because he stopped running midway to first base. The counselor said it was a fair ball and by that time the first baseman had retrieved it and stepped on the bag. The hitter was called out.

The ball may not have been foul, but the kid was. He looked all of nine, but he took off his batting helmet, slammed it on the ground, and began arguing with the counselor who promptly benched him for the remainder of the scrimmage.

At the end of the camp, the kid came toward his grandfather who asked why he had acted so poorly. The kid screamed at the man telling him it was a fair ball. When his grandfather said, “Well the umpire called it the other way,” the kid, again screaming at the top of his lungs, said, “Well he’s a LIAR. He’s nothing but a LIAR!” And then, bat bag in hand, he stormed off.

I’m not praying that the kid won’t show up tomorrow. I’m praying that he can't. If there is a shred of discipline in this kid’s family, his ass will be redder than a stop sign and he’ll be pulling belt leather from between his butt cheeks for the next six weeks. Either that or his parents need to take the kid to psychologist for some anger management. Passion for the game is one thing. Disrespect is another.

I’m glad Alexey got to witness it, though. From his wide-eyed look, I could see that he knew this was unacceptable behavior. And as unfortunate as the incident was, I’m glad I saw it, too. It makes me appreciate the wonderful young man and young woman who are my children.

(Okay, that’s too cheesy an ending…I would liked to have seen grandpa beat the kid’s ass from one end of the stadium to the next. I bet Ray Tanner would've liked that, too. I’m just sayin’.)


  1. Good blog, glad you were there and not me--by the way you do have the BEST kids ever.

  2. Now that I've met you, I appreciate this blog all the more. Uh, subtle isn't one of your traits, is it???

  3. Not that he'd need a lesson in respect, but you should be glad Alexey witnesses one of his peers behaving like a 2-year-old.

    Good post!


  4. Actually, I've seen more parents who needed discipline that kids at the games I've attended. How embarrassing for the youngster when his/her dad comes running out cursing the umpire. It happened at one of our games last week. One parent took her child and left. The board plans to give the guy a warning, then ban him for games if it ever happens again.

  5. They'd probably bring the parents up on child abuse charges. At the very least that kid should be taken out of the camp. Then sent back to pre-K.

  6. He probably learned that behavior from his father.... or some major leaguer.

    Happy Father's day.