Monday, January 12, 2009


It is sunrise in paradise.

I lay in that halfway sleep between awakening and deep, peaceful slumber.
Coming out of the blackness of a restful sleep, I
Inhale the cool salt-scented air.

As the sun moves across the eastern sky,
It paints the landscape of my face, slowly
Beckoning me to awareness.

It is in that moment I realize the woman I love with
All my heart is sleeping just a few inches away.
She knows that I love her, but does she realize how much?

Does she know that I would sacrifice every material thing I
Own to keep her as my life’s companion?
Does she realize that every day I try to barter away ten
Years of my life just to be with her forever?

Does she know how beautiful I believe she is?
Does she understand that should the gauze of time ever
Fade her outward beauty, that I will love her stronger
And better and more intensely?

Does she know that I go to sleep and awaken with thoughts of her?
Does she know that with her everything is brighter and happier and
I am more content?
That without her I have no sense of purpose?

With her, the rain is sweeter
The flowers more colorful
The mountains grander
The oceans more majestic.

Without her, everything in the world lacks beauty for me.

Does she know that I believe her blood runs through my veins?
That my heart beats not only for her, but because of her?
Can she possibly understand that my definition of sadness
And despair is simply life without her?

Her face is beautiful in the sunlight.
She squints at me against the sun, a hand shading her eyes,
A light azure sky serving as a backdrop to her beautiful visage.
I who realizes that should life cease for me at that very instant,
I would die the most fortunate man in the world.

To be in her embrace is to be as close to Heaven as a
Human being can get on this earth.

As sun sets in paradise, the western sky is a rich palate of hues, from
Fiery pink to warm lavender to deep dark blue pricked with
Pinpoints of starlight.

With the rising and setting sun we
Mark our time in the universe.
Every thing has its opposite.

And the opposite of the regularity of dawn and dusk with its
Strictures of chronology is something ceaseless; unending; constant.
It is my deep, abiding, infinite love for this one woman out of the
Billions of people on this planet.

I wonder, does she know?

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  1. Wow! I...well...goodness.

    Well said.